Mother Nature is a fickle lady this summer!

Remember that song ‘It’s looking a lot like Christmas?’ sung by Bing Crosby I think.

Well change the words to ‘It’s looking a lot like winter’ because that is what I’ve been singing for the past week. The arrival of our summer brought sweltering heat (for the local Victorians it was sweltering but for us it was just nice) at 28deg C for a day.

Tim and I went off in the ute to buy up all the bits and pieces we need for reticulation of the garden from the underground bore, returning home with much less cash but  a lot of hoses, sprinklers and all the stuff that goes with it. By the end of the day it was all set out on the lawn where it waits for the arrival of the ditch-witch or whatever it’s called to dig trenches to sink the hosing etc into. Having 3 acres of gardens, the best way to keep it watered when it’s not constantly raining, is by automatic sprinkler reticulation from the bore. Heaven for me because I won’t have to lug long hoses round the lawns and garden every half hour or so.

The next day though was a tad cooler and rather cloudy, and from then on the weather went downhill and returned at an alarming speed to winter. Snow fell – yes, snow! In Australia, in summer.

Victoria snow in summerThis was the pic of the day in the local news. Even the locals are complaining about the inconsistency of the weather patterns and are disappointed that our PM’s carbon tax has done nothing about the global warming and erratic weather in these parts despite all her promises!

In Queensland the saying regarding the excellent weather there, is ‘Beautiful one day, perfect the next’  -here in the southern region of our country, Victoria I have decided the saying will be ‘cold one day, freezing the next’.

On the bright side though, I always wanted to have a white Christmas and this year it just might happen!!


One thought on “Mother Nature is a fickle lady this summer!

  1. Jane Risdon January 6, 2013 at 9:30 am Reply

    Hi Jo, have been looking around and so far love it all…it looks really pretty too. I am finding it hard to leave comments on your main page though – is it me? Is there a secret way to do it which I am missing? Let me know as would love to help make your page a success. Good luck for 2013 and I hope this year we all achieve our goals. Jane xx

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