Passwords and sign-ins

It seems as if our lives are ruled by sign-ins and passwords nowadays. No more the happy situation where you could go and do whatever you fancied, whenever you chose. No. We must now have a sign in or log on ID that hopefully we will remember when asked for it. Along with the log in ID there is the password we must also remember. We also have pin numbers which pose a whole different scenario of problems that I won’t go into here.

sign insign in 1

Not too hard I hear you say. Surely it’s not too much to ask of anyone to remember a log in and a password. The problem is though, that I have umpteen log ins and umpteen passwords. Now I have tried to simplify this by having the same password wherever possible, but with some websites it’s not possible to have the same log in ID.

At work it’s all totally different and very business like, so they won’t accept the log in I like to use:  Jo Skehan accompanied by a really simple and easy to remember password based on the name of a favourite pet of my childhood. As a result, I constantly have the reject messages screaming at me on the screen when I try to sign in to various websites at work. Familiar, I am, with this type of message:

log in rejectIt drives me to distraction. We often change desks and computers at work – I think the management assume it will alleviate boredom and inspire enthusiasm for the otherwise rather boring tasks we perform each day. I groan with dread when these moves are to be made. Not because I am suddenly unhappy being moved from my familiar desk and surroundings or feel the acute lack of my comfort zone/blanket – no! It’s because I know trouble lurks in the shadows, and it’s all to do with log-in IDs and passwords.

Muffled complaints and concerned comments can be heard from every corner of the office; ‘What the hell is my sign in for this website?’ Followed by the equally muffled and frustrated replies from those close by, ‘Don’t know. I can’t remember mine either dammit!’ Another fun day at the office.

I actually amazed myself one day by remembering my colleague’s sign-in while I was still baffled about my own. Now that was weird.

With each move I am asked by Facebook and WordPress and a few other sites to enter my email address and my password….oh please! The email for FB is one I never use – supplied by our home internet server and rather tricky and stilted. So again and again I get these little messages on the screen that frustrate me the entire day as I struggle on trying at first to remember, then later on, guess the details.

log in reject 2

Even at home where I have 3 computers I use – not all at once of course – for different tasks, I come up against this angst-creating monster.

My laptop is my buddy that stays by my side in the family room where in the evenings, I try to watch inane shows on the TV but spend more time catching up on my Facebook friends’ posts and my very welcome emails, and – cop this – even the news and events of the day – my time is not totally ‘wasted’.

My desktop with two screens (love my two screens) is in our home office and used mainly for the business end of things, paying bills, contacting people I’m not really thrilled to be having contact with, writing my blog (like right now) and the newsletter I try to create every week or so, for work.

My little notebook (red and cute) is on my bedside table and that is where I add to the stories I write and sometimes read the eBooks I’ve downloaded but have rarely the time to read.

Sign-ins and passwords are not a problem with most of the websites I use on a regular basis on my home computers as they are saved for me, but there are times when the 3 necessary evils ask for the details because the information has not been stored, or was stored but now deleted because of lack of recent accessing or because Google Chrome has ‘updated’.

I have been known to text my poor suffering family members (from work), to ask them for my details – sometimes Steven (bless him!) can remember some, but Tim just replies ‘NFI’  which of course is not too polite really.

Nowadays though I think I have solved my on-going ID-remembering-dilemma by writing all the details for every website I access, in a small hand made notebook. I paid an arm and a leg for this notebook years ago while shopping in Brisbane with my eldest sister. She loved them and kept fingering them. Cute little things made of recycled brown paper, with a pretty green and beige striped cover with a little metal name tag on the front complemented by roses. Very pretty as you can imagine, and tied with a green string ribbon. I bought one for her and one for me and put mine away in a box where it stayed for years, till recently I frantically searched our home office drawers and cabinets for a notebook, any notebook, to store all these log-ins and passwords.


So now all my troubles should be easily dealt with on my moves at work, or when one of my own computers chooses to be difficult and demands the details.

All I have to do now, is remember to take it with me in my bag at all times.


8 thoughts on “Passwords and sign-ins

  1. thenewromantics4 June 12, 2013 at 10:34 am Reply

    Jo, sad to admit it but I have a little notebook where I keep all of my passwords except the one for the BANK!! Then there’s the codes for the iphone, the burglar alarm etc. I suppose its all necessary. I find it especially very annoying when the password changes or becomes defunct for no obvious reason. Alas my notebook isn’t as pretty as yours but its well travelled – my friend brought it back from the Emirates for me last year. Have a great day.

  2. joskehan June 12, 2013 at 12:19 pm Reply

    Yes Lizzie, the pin numbers are a pain too, but I have had that simplified for some years now, as the banks have all allowed me to have the same for every account….so I don’t carry that anywhere as it’s easy to remember! It would be handy though if all ID logins were the same, i.e. email address, but some sites want a profile name or whatever and it gets tricky trying to remember them. How our lives are ruled by logins and passwords…I swear the past 15yrs have changed so much! xx

  3. breeghnwhittier June 13, 2013 at 5:02 pm Reply

    I have also been thinking about a notebook.. these websites are ridiculous.
    (You wouldn’t believe the hoops I just had to jump through to log-in to wordpress tocomment on this.. Oh the irony.)

    • joskehan June 22, 2013 at 9:40 am Reply

      That is just so funny, because I have just found your reply (been busy with work, sorry) and had to try 3 times to get the right password…my notebook is in my handbag and I couldn’t be bothered getting up to get it. xx

  4. Jane Risdon September 23, 2013 at 2:32 pm Reply

    Having been in computer limbo since I don’t recall when, I managed to log in today to my own blog and find my friends and post. I have spent a two week period resetting passwords endlessly – often two or three times a day for the same email/facebook you name it. I am running out of ideas for passwords and it is putting me off doing anything involving logging in. I am all ready to write or whatever and oh look, another ‘please enter your password/ID again’ or whatever….going nuts. Enjoyed your article Jo, and thanks for posting it. Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Typing is a pain (really is actually) but messing around with the above is even more of a pain.

  5. joskehan September 23, 2013 at 11:53 pm Reply

    Thanks Jane, I hope you get your shoulder fixed soon, as that will impede your writing so much! My worst nightmare for passwords is at work where every system and every screen almost has one and they all have to be different – and then of course they need to be changed and updated every few weeks. I have one waiting for me right now that said my password would expire in 3 days, and that was yesterday. I ignored it and will try to think of something for Friday when I go back. No doubt the system will ‘punish’ me for not doing it straight away!

  6. Rachael Hale aka the 'History Magpie' October 3, 2013 at 10:18 am Reply

    Hello Jo, thanks for posting this. I volunteer at an archive where I have to grab a different desk each visit and the password has to be changed every three weeks – it drives me insane so your brilliant suggestion of a notebook will be implemented immediately. As you say, I just need to remember to carry it around with me! Thanks for looking in on my blog too, I really appreciate it.

    • joskehan October 3, 2013 at 11:26 am Reply

      Glad you have found the idea useful Rachael, and thanks for checking out my blog too. xxx

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