Mr Right for the Night by Marisa Mackle

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“Anna wants a man. He doesn’t have to be perfect or anything. Just the basics really: stunning, smart, witty, sporty, owner of a fancy car – and yes – niece would be nice. 

All he has to do is turn up at her school reunion (hosted by Victoria, the ex-school bully) and pretend he’s madly in love with her. 

It should be easy enough. After all, Dublin is swarming with men, isn’t it? 

But as the date of the dreaded reunion looms closer, it’s becoming apparent that Mr Right (even for the Night) isn’t exactly hanging around every corner. In fact, it looks increasingly likely that – horrors! – Anna will end up at the party alone….”



Written in 2004, Mr Right For the Night is a well written and funny story of a single girl no longer in her twenties but moving up the retail career ladder, unlike her married best friend who has an adorable child with her good looking husband.

Anna, the main character has a problem. She and all her former classmates have been summoned rather than invited to attend a ‘reunion’ at the home of Victoria – the class bully. Anna has dark memories of being taunted and put down by the bossy Victoria, and as far as she can recall, none of the other girls had suffered the same humiliation that Victoria seemed to inflict on her so joyfully.

Now married to a wealthy man, living in a big home, Victoria seems to have it all. Anna lives in a one roomed flat, has no steady boyfriend, rather just one night stands or at the most the guys might hang about for a week or two. Claire, her best friend is set for the reunion with a handsome husband and the dress to make her feel a million dollars. Anna has to find a guy to take along to show the bully once and for all that she is set up very nicely in this grown up world too, thank you very much.

I have read most of Marisa’s books and find myself laughing out loud all through the book. Marisa has a delightful sense of humour which is that little bit sharper than most having the Irish tinge to it for good measure. The story is fast moving and fun, covering the main character’s love life, friendships, family, career woes and self doubts skilfully, with large dobs of comedy while keeping the storyline real and credible. The unexpected twist towards the end when the classmates discover the real truth of the bully’s marriage and life, is most enjoyable and leads to Anna’s finding who her Mr Right For the Night is and was all along.

Although written in 2004, this book is equal to any written more recently and a delight to read. It can be purchased at Amazon:

Do yourselves a huge favour and pop on to the Amazon website and order your copy now. You won’t be sorry. I can vouch for it!

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One thought on “Mr Right for the Night by Marisa Mackle

  1. Jane Risdon June 29, 2013 at 11:48 am Reply

    Expect she is thrilled with your review Jo. A grand read. Thanks. 🙂

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