The Secret Nanny Club by Marisa Mackle

secret nanny club


“Kaylah is a single yummy mummy. She is frantically looking for Miss Right to look after her baby son, John, and time is running out.

Of course, she would love an all-singing, all-dancing Mary Poppins to land in her garden complete with umbrella and magic carpet bag, but she has to be realistic too.

It’s pretty terrifying inviting a complete stranger to live in your home and become part of your family. She has heard all the horror stories, annies partying all night, inviting boyfriends over, spending more time on Facebook than looking after their charges. Not to mention flirting with fathers? But Kaylah needs to return to work as a magazine fashion-stylist before her job is given away to somebody else. 

Will she find the perfect girl in time? Can she reclaim her freedom and even fall in love again? And what on earth is the mysterious Secret Nanny Club all about?”

mary poppins


I feel the synopsis does not do this book justice. It is far from being a frothy story about a single mum looking for a nanny for her little son. Marisa Mackle has etched out a description of not only the hardships of being a single mother trying to find trustworthy and reliable home help, but also of the career requirements to be a fashion-stylist for a top magazine, and struggling to make ends meet, especially during the recession of Ireland.

Her first few choices turn out to be complete duds and it looks frustratingly as if Kaylah is never going to find that Miss Right. Self doubt hits hard and she changes her mind about returning to work, countless times whenever she looks at her cute little boy’s smiling face, but the need for an income as the sole provider, spurs her on to the internet website to advertise for yet another nanny.  The baby-daddy has refused to acknowledge the baby as his and thinks maintenance payments are not his responsibility, so Kaylah is on her own totally.

While at a book club meeting, Kaylah is introduced to the hostess’ stunning nanny who seems to be an angel. A few weeks later that nanny, Tanya, asks Kaylah for a position as her nanny to baby John.

Life is idyllic for months and Kaylah is confident enough to leave the baby and return to work. Tanya is a modern-day Mary Poppins, and seems to be too good to be true. Kaylah’s mother has a favourite saying: ‘if it seem to be too good to be true, it probably is’.

The answers to the riddle of the stunning Tanya who is always dressed to kill, all fall into place eventually. The Secret Nanny Club has all the answers it seems.

A good read. Having been a single mum myself, I could relate to the main character’s problems and stepping stones which most of the time appear to be huge rocks in the way to a peaceful life.



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