The Other Daddy – A World Away by Claire Louise Voet

the other daddy pic


Two teenage girls have mysteriously disappeared from the small Scottish Orkney island of Eday. It is as if they have vanished from the face of the earth without trace. The island is in turmoil. 
Eight years later in Cambridgeshire, seven year old Callum Thompson is trying to cope with his parents’ recent separation. He begins to act strangely –constantly talking about his ‘other daddy’ and his new friend – Jeremy, whom nobody else knows about. At first his change in behaviour is blamed on the fact that his parents – Louise and Jack are now living apart, but as time goes on, Callum’s problems becomes much more disturbing and there is cause for concern. Is this just a case of a little boy with emotional problems or is this something more sinister? Jack wonders if his son is having some kind of encounter with the spirit world, but Louise is sceptical.
Meanwhile after a successful trip to an old stately home in Hampshire, where paranormal activity is caught on camera, Dr Andrew McGregor returns to his parapsychology unit in Cambridge to find himself faced with a new challenge. It doesn’t take him long to realise that Callum Thompson’s case is far more than a paranormal investigation. Could it be that Callum is remembering another life? But what is the link between Callum and Eday, who is ‘the other daddy’ and who is Jeremy?

Claire Louise Voet


whittington manor the ghost of bluebell cottage


I have read both of Claire Voet’s previous books (pictured above) and enjoyed them immensely.

Although Claire warned me that this book was very different to her other books, I was not totally prepared for this amazing story. I’m not usually keen on mysteries or anything to do with the paranormal, but after the first chapter I was hooked.

When you read this book, it becomes very understandable as to why it took Claire Louise such a long time to write it – making sure the plot, times, facts were right for this story. Time well spent.
The story is expertly interwoven over the period of time when two young girls went missing on a secluded Scottish island, to today’s world in London, where a little boy experiences paranormal behaviours and sightings. His parents are perplexed and not sure what to do to help their little boy. Their angst and pain so well described and outlined for the reader.  An advertisement in a local newspaper leads his father Jack to seek out Dr Andrew McGregor, Parapsychologist for help.
Slowly, sensitively and carefully, Andrew draws information from the young Callum about his experiences. A nice touch to the story, Andrew’s young daughter Amy is surprisingly an immense help with getting to the bottom of the mystery – she takes young Callum under her wing and they converse in the way only children can.
Claire has cleverly woven all the various stories into one very interesting page turning story that I found difficult to put down. The end is exciting and left me feeling happy and satisfied with the outcome- always the sign of a very good book and a clever author.
A very different style of writing for Claire Voet but one that lets her skill as an author not only stand up for attention, but reaches up and slaps the reader in the face! Thought provoking with a big touch of compassion and romance.

Available as an ebook on, this is worth the read.


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