Goodbye to 2014. I thought it would never end.

I’ve read a lot of blogs over the past couple of days by authors telling us what 2014 meant for them and their families. None of it was good it seems.
Why is it that some years are laden with bad luck and misfortunes and others are so wonderful, exciting and happy we dread to see the last day in December?
This year started off with a scare for us, personally. Our gorgeous ginger cat who adopted us about 7 years ago, had a funny turn and was frothing at the mouth. He didn’t look too good and I didn’t expect him to see the night out to be honest. Luckily our Clayton boy hung in there – the vets were wonderful and even spent New Year’s Eve sitting with him. Now that is devotion on the job!
He had a stroke and a mini heart attack, all due to the fact he has a murmur in his heart which causes the loss of a beat every now again.
I’m happy to say he is well and although not fit exactly, he managed the road trip from one end of this country to the other in my ute with me, and seemed to enjoy our chats along the way.
Clayton 2

In March Tim and I decided to fly to Queensland and look for a home for us there. We felt the need for the warm weather again – we had had enough of the cold, wet weather in the southern regions of our country.

We fell in love with and bought an elegant Queenslander built in the 1800s. Some have said 1868 but recently a local told me it dates back to 1844. A merchant sea captain had it built and I swear his ghost resides in the house to this day. That is a story for another day. Below are pics of the front and back of the grand old lady called ‘Morning Light’.

202 Alice St, $438,000   ???????????????????????????????

April brought a visit from Tim’s parents – but unlike previous years their stay in 2014 was short.

By May Tim was very ill and ended up in the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne almost in a coma due to his glucose/blood levels. It was then discovered he had been incorrectly diagnosed with Diabetes 2 when he actually had Type 1 and needed insulin urgently. This in turn changed our entire lifestyle as far as work, rest, diet etc was concerned. It took a bit of work attaining a good balance but I am happy to report things are going pretty well right now, in spite of a few very rough patches. The latest rough patch was in November during our move north. It was hard slog packing the container, 3 cars and a trailer at the beginning, then the unpacking and sorting of things at this end. The strain took its toll on us all but especially on Tim who had to fly back and forth to Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane during that time to sort out business problems as well.

In late June we added to our family….our fur family that is. Daisy a gorgeous little West Highland puppy otherwise known as a ‘Wuppy’ joined us. She is bossy, adorable, energetic, clever, noisy, loving and of course beautiful. I could add spoilt to that list too, and indulged.

Daisy 3         Daisy in harness 1

Our move from Victoria to sunny Queensland was stressful for us all, including the pets. The container we hired ended up so packed full of our stuff, it was overweight and we had to pay a couple of hundred bucks more for it, but it was worth it. A lot of our stuff was ditched in the last few days at the tip, some given to charity and a trailer load of garden things given to Tim’s cousin. We all agree, we never want to move again.

Driving in convoy was fun. Tim in his 4WD with Daisy in her car seat; Steven in his 2 door Mercedes with his two cats on the back seat in their containers; me in my trusty ute with Chilli our staffy in the back (we had a canopy put on the back), comfy on her cushioned seat and Clayton on the passenger seat. He and I enjoyed long chats about life in general. He understands me completely and I, him.

For Australians on the whole the past year has been traumatic in many ways. We lost many loved ones flying Malaysian Airlines on their way to or from holidays overseas. With the previous clean record of air disasters involving our country, these tragedies rocked us to our very souls. We cannot say or think it will never happen to us now.

In the last hoorah of a madman, two of our respected Australians died in the Sydney siege. One of my regrets concerning this is that the nutter was killed and won’t ever have justice served for the atrocious crime he committed. The floral tributes left in Martin Square brought back memories of those in London when we lost the beautiful Diana.

Australia lost its innocence in 2014. Australia lost its trust in 2014. We have not and will not lose hope for the future. We are fighters and will move on and above all this tragedy and horror, and we will do our very best to make 2015 a great year.

Happy New Year everyone. Stay safe and be happy.



5 thoughts on “Goodbye to 2014. I thought it would never end.

  1. Jane Risdon December 30, 2014 at 1:43 pm Reply

    Jo I do hope 2015 will bring happiness and better health for you and Tim and that your new home will be all you want it to be. Yes, it has been a very sad year (again) around the world and for Australia too. Having many family and friends there it is hard to sit watching TV waiting for information and news when such events happen. Unfortunately we have family across the globe and in many ‘trouble’ spots so things do get tense at times. I do hope Tim is balanced soon (his diabetes) and that your own health improves. I think your lovely new home will bring peace and contentment – looking at it, it should. I am itching to hear more about your ghost. Sounds as if there is a story in there somewhere…..Jane xx Hoping for a more peaceful and safe world in 2015.

  2. dianahockley December 30, 2014 at 9:34 pm Reply

    Glad you arrived safely in Queensland with your family – fur well and truly included in that! – and moving into your lovely house. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I would imagine it would be hard for anyone not to feel good there 🙂 Best of luck for 2015 – yes, 2014 wasn’t too good was it? – and good health above all else 🙂

    • joskehan December 31, 2014 at 1:36 am Reply

      Thank you Diana and the same good wishes for 2015 to you.

  3. joskehan December 31, 2014 at 1:33 am Reply

    Thank you Jane. Yep the ghost and I are good friends now, lol.

  4. Jane Risdon January 6, 2015 at 10:52 am Reply

    Cool, I look forward to what the ghost and Mrs Skehan have to report. 🙂

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