Calendars, calendars, calendars

I love calendars. You know the nice ones you can put into a frame especially made for that calendar, and hang on the wall like a piece of artwork.

They are a piece of artwork in my opinion. I have several in the house and would love to have even more if I had the hanging space.

In our houses in Perth and Victoria, we had long hallways. The better pictures of these calendars were ideal for framing and lining the long white walls of the hallways. It made an otherwise boring area, pleasant. We have about 14 framed cow pictures, now in the TV room and office due to lack of a long hallway in this old Queenslander.  The only Australian flavoured picture I have framed was a pic of a big old kangaroo relaxing rather elegantly on an old arm chair on someone’s veranda. He hangs in our lounge today and is still a firm favourite of mine.

We have quite a number of pictures and paintings that usually hang on the wall, but since moving here, I’ve been very conservative with the haunting thought we need to paint and renovate so let’s leave the paintings safely in their wrapping.

Not so for my calendars. They MUST be hung and each month changed to reveal the next gorgeous picture.

My favourite which I buy every year… I order it about August just to make sure!… the Cows Cows Cows calendar. I have it hanging in my kitchen where I can gaze on the pictures of beautiful calm cows for hours if I have the time.

Actually I don’t have that kind of time to sit and admire anything, but it’s nice to be able to glance up at the wall when feeling fed up or stressed and look into those happy pictures of fields or barns full of beautiful freesian cows with big brown eyes smiling back at me.

This morning though I changed the calendars to February from January, and had to smile. The calendars’ pictures for each month are usually chosen and based on the USA or UK seasons, hence the past 3 months of each of our calendars have featured snow.


December 2015 had the snow flakes delicately covering the ground and fir trees which will be decorated Christmas trees eventually. Next December we have snow on the ground surrounding one of those gorgeous barns, with a Christmas wreath on the door sprinkled with snowflakes.  January 2015 as you can see by the first picture above, showed sweet nuns in black habits tending their herd of matching cows.

The nuns who taught me as a child wore black habits with white bibs and the white, stiffly starched cap framing their faces. I miss them. When I see nuns of today wearing blouses and skirts with a little cross on each side of the collar being the only reference to being a nun, I feel a pang of loss.

Anyway, I digress. Here where we live in Queensland, it is around the 30 – 35 degree Celsius each day, with humidity at around 78% to 97%. Very humid. Muggy. Like a sauna when working outdoors. Unpleasant for sleeping unless one is lucky enough to have air conditioning fitted to the bedrooms.

It made me laugh this morning when I turned over the calendar page of my Cows, and was greeted with a serene scene in the snow. Sweat dripped from my nose: my T shirt clung to my body, saturated already at 8.30am. How nice it would be to step into that picture for a few short minutes and feel the coolness of the snow and cold winds. Just for a few minutes though….short ones. Really short ones. I dislike the cold.

The calendar I send my daughter each year is probably a bit safer as far as seasons go. It’s all about cats. Big cat lovers my family. The calendar I have above my desk is about gardening, but it really only has pictures of the equipment, like watering cans, rakes etc painted in water colours and shots of gorgeous gardens. Restful, promising, inspiring. No snow.

Below are some pics of our calendars. I love them all.

Every year I go to the website and drool over the various types of calendars available. Maybe by that time my library will have been renovated and there will be a space for another calendar.

I can only hope. Till next time, keep smiling, stay cool (or warm) and enjoy life.


3 thoughts on “Calendars, calendars, calendars

  1. Jane Risdon February 9, 2016 at 11:09 am Reply

    Beautiful, selections certainly improved a lot over the years. Always a bit pricey though.

  2. joskehan February 9, 2016 at 11:44 pm Reply

    Yes but worth it in my view. They give me hours of pleasure.

    • Jane Risdon February 10, 2016 at 12:22 pm Reply

      Oh indeed. I love getting them as gifts and giving them too.

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