There is rain in the air

Yesterday it rained for a short while. Just enough to water the garden I had already spent almost an hour watering. The lovely thing about rain here in the ‘almost tropics’ of Queensland though, is that rain is cooling not freezing. Refreshing not discomforting. For me, anyway.

The sky is grey today but not that dark depressing greyness of the southern states of Oz. The grey skies there hurtled me into a world of glum almost daily when we lived there. I’m a sunshine person and without it, I wilt.

When I lived in the South Island of New Zealand (many moons ago) the skies there were grey more often than not too, but for some reason it wasn’t as glum or cold as it is in Victoria, Australia for me. Now I’m not saying this to make the Vics annoyed or angry – they are mostly nice people and I have many gorgeous friends there, made during my time living in a pretty rural area and working in an even prettier rural town. Gisborne is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to, so if you ever have the chance, go see it.

But I digress. It’s cloudy here, cooler than it has been since last October and with a hint of more rain to come during the next few hours. The sun peeps through occasionally but the clouds are determined not to allow that to happen for long. Just enough to let us know the sun is still up there – waiting.

Our garden is coming along. I have planted lots of hedge plants (Photinia Robusta), a fast growing shrub with shiny green leaves, which after a time turn rusty red. It flowers too if it’s allowed, but we always have ours trimmed into a square hedge before many¬†flowers appear. Pretty little white flowers – hay fever inducing prettiness. A sample pic:


Our hedges so far:

The first is down the back side of the house along the pathway to Chookingham Palace to the far right, and the second is down the front side of the house with tomatoes growing very well in between each hedge plant. This row of hedge extends down to the front fence and across the entire front to the gate, and will carry over the other side of the gate eventually. I haven’t got that far with planting yet.

The other parts of the garden we’ve worked on recently, are the green fernery beds near the driveway and under the Poinciana tree. Here are some photos I took last night.

In the last pic you might be able to see my little cow made of metal. I saw her looking lonely in an out-of-the-way gift shop in Victoria and decided she should live with us.

Of course all these hedges mean lots of plants. I am very fortunate to be a long term customer of a wholesale nursery in Bacchus Marsh in Victoria. Their plants are always healthy and their prices are excellent. Recently they had an offer for their long standing clients of two plants for the price of one. I ordered 80 Photinia and received double that.

Lots of re-potting later, we had to tidy up and rearrange my ‘nursery’. Photo of the potted beauties below. The pots in the little trolley are gazania and a ground cover box (related to the box hedge) destined for the front gardens.

The red and white things are the empty paint containers from the fence painting. They come in handy for all sorts of jobs in the garden. Great for storing all those little screws and nobs and bobs found all over the place too.

Last but by no means least, here is a pic of the ongoing saga of the deckchair restoration. We inherited two very old and decrepit deck chairs from the previous owners of the house. My old Granddad always had about 8 or 10 of these on his veranda in Bundaberg where I spent many evenings as a child, listening to the wonderful stories told by an aunt, Ruby Greene.

Our inheritance was in bad shape and most people would have thrown them to the tip, but I insisted on restoring them. Lucky for me, Tim is pretty handy with woodwork and repaired this one with new wood here and there to make it strong again. I sewed the canvas hummock seat doubting it would work or look half decent, but as it turned out, it’s not too bad. Just have the second one to do now.

deck chair

So while I wait for the rain to do its job out there, I shall be busy with sanding down the wreck of a deck chair in the attempt to make it pretty again. Recycling they call it. Who would have thought I’d be happy to recycle?

Until I have another update, keep smiling, enjoy each day and stay safe.

Horrible Horace the resident green frog says ‘See ya soon.’

harry frog


2 thoughts on “There is rain in the air

  1. Kay Burnett May 26, 2016 at 8:15 pm Reply

    Such a lovely blog !

    • joskehan May 27, 2016 at 12:09 am Reply

      thank you Kay. Much love. xx

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