Bags, Bags, Bags

There was a time when I was crazy over bags. Just as crazy as I was over shoes and gorgeous clothes. Hats, not so much. Any bag would attract my attention as I walked past a shop or observed a lady holding a lovely bag. Leather bags were all the rage when I was young, and so delighted was I to learn my then mother-in-law was doing leather craft. Sadly, her abilities didn’t stretch to making bags but I ended up with a few book marks and drink coasters.

bag tote by Percibal

Back then with two little ones, the above was the type of bag I favoured. Plenty of room for little snacks, spare clean undies (and the dirty ones too), hair ties, makeup and so on. My first husband always called them my nappy bags.

My favourites for work were the rattan or straw baskets. I could fit so much stuff in there including my lunch, a book, makeup, scarves, coat and so on. Sent from heaven they were. You know the type…..

bag rattan

The cost didn’t concern me. If I saw a bag I liked, I bought it. If it was hugely expensive by some you-beaut designer, I would put it on lay-by. There is a bag shop in Perth, West Australia, (or was) where the owner and I became firm friends over time. This delightful lady would ring me at work to let me know a new consignment had arrived if I wanted to browse with a view to purchasing another beauty.

bag by Marino Orlandi

Not just handbags, tote bags, clutch bags, but overnight bags and suitcases…all matching of course and at a premium price. In spite of the price the luggage bags rarely survived two trips without suffering irreparable damage thanks to the airline baggage handlers.

Below is a pic of a Guess set of luggage similar to those I once owned but are now in some graveyard for mishandled suitcases. I loved that set.

bags Guess 1

We used to travel overseas a lot, especially to Asia, the land of the knock-offs. You could buy bags and luggage, shoes, fashion from the merchants up there for a small fraction of the normal price, and they looked real to the uneducated in designer labels. For a period of about two decades I slummed it and bought the knock-offs. Well, it didn’t matter then if they were damaged or not did it, when they had been bought for the princely sum of about $AU10.

In a moment of madness I bought a set (knock-off fakes) of Louis Vuitton and they looked a bit like the pic below. The quality just was not there though, and lasted a couple of trips. Even the bi-weekly flights from Perth to Melbourne over a year or so, was too much for the poor darlings.

bags Louis Vuitton

What brought all this back to mind was a photo I spied the other day on face book of a person I was once very friendly with. She was posing for the photo in her baggy jeans, bright shirt, and a leather bag held in front of her. I couldn’t help thinking how unnecessarily big the bag was. It swamped her. The handle was so long, if she held it in her hands the bag would have sat on her shoes. I wondered then if it was real or fake.

Not that it matters in this day and age. No one cares really. I now think of how silly I was to think it had to be expensive and with a designer’s label on it for it to be worth having. What a waste. The bags we see the celebs carrying that cost them thousands (some of mine did too years ago), could scrap poverty in a third world country in a zip. Such a waste.

Nowadays, I trundle out to the shops with my aged leather bag that must be at least seven years old now and looking a little the worse for wear. To me, that’s okay. I am not about to go out and spend hundreds on a bag – those days are gone for me. I don’t see the sense in it anymore. Probably old age creeping up.

I still adore a good looking bag though, and shoes, well that’s another story. I love shoes, but go for the more comfortable heels these days. Once upon a time I could run several blocks in stilettos and not stumble once. Lately my thongs (flip flops, jandals) are my daily choice of footwear.

Times change. People change. I have changed for sure. I would rather spend big dollars on loads of good books these days.

You’ve gotta laugh or you’d cry……..getting older can be a learning experience just as youth was. Do you agree?




3 thoughts on “Bags, Bags, Bags

  1. Gerri Bowen May 12, 2016 at 12:43 am Reply

    Handbags are my love too, Jo. I just can’t afford them like I used to. Si now when I see one I love, I’ll walk around a bit and then he feeling passes for me. But I do understand the all bags thing. 🙂

    • joskehan May 20, 2016 at 12:42 am Reply

      They never lose their appeal. xx

  2. joskehan May 12, 2016 at 10:54 pm Reply

    I can remember the feeling of elation a new bag would give me for weeks. Like you, I can’t really afford them now and don’t need them anyway. I’d never use them and in fact I have a few still in their plastic bags, never used in the cupboard.

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