Just when you think plans are done…..

good things take time

Today has been another day full of unexpected changes and surprises. The first surprise was this morning when they wheeled me off for a chest xray to ensure all is going well there, and apparently it is. It’s comforting to know my heart, lungs and general other organs are all in good shape and can withstand this treatment.

Nursing staff greeted me like an old friend again in X Ray and Radiology, which is nice but a little daunting. I’d prefer not be a regular.

When I returned to my bed, the doctors had been in a meeting with all the other services available for this ward as there were a few patients being sent home, including my ward buddy Shari. She is lucky….she is going home to her parents’ house nearby mainly because her little kids all have sniffles and colds up on their 50 acres on the north coast. I wish her the very best and as the doctors all said, if she plays by the rules and is careful she has every chance of staying healthy for a long long time.

When my team of doctors caught up with me, it seemed they were a tad nervous and I guessed it was about alternate accommodation. I drew in a deep breath and waited for them to speak. I felt able to handle whatever after having a good sleep last night.

To cut a long story short, the team suggested I leave the hospital for a supplied unit by tomorrow afternoon. I said I needed more time purely due to logistics of getting things set up, with the idea of Tim being the carer. Wednesday morning is the time I will be departing this hospital, only to return the next morning as an outpatient for follow up treatment of the chemo etc. So I won’t be going too far away really.

Our concerns of picking up germs and infections on leaving the hospital, is a concern while staying in hospital too. This morning that was made very clear to me on my trip to the X Ray area where most of the male patients proved to be gross pigs with the way they were picking noses and flicking it to the floor, stuffing tissues up their noses and dropping bits all over the place….why are they so filthy? Walking from the lounge to my room I glanced into various wards and the patients are looking pretty darned ill. Some are being treated for serious chest infections already and they haven’t moved from their wards.


So basically the risk is no greater on the outside in my opinion.

Then another curve ball came my way. Tim has to fly to Melbourne and Sydney next week and is in the middle of setting up a new system this week, so to uproot his work and come down here is not possible. Suddenly, I had my get out of here ticket, with no carer. Murphy’s law of course. That bastard Murphy loves me….in fact it’s ironic when I think about that name because it was a Mick Murphy who was my first husband’s best drinking buddy in NZ, and then he found another Murphy in Perth years later. Perhaps I should buy a gnome (can’t stand the things) and call it Murphy. Then smash it!

Anyway, after a few phone calls, a long talk with Justine the Social Worker who was rather concerned that I was upset (I wasn’t), and then more phone calls, finally I arranged for my sister to fly to Brisbane to be my carer. Bernice is more than happy to come on the flight Tim arranged for her on Wednesday morning, ready to go to the accommodation with me, and the best part is, she says she will stay for as long as I need her here. Her husband will be staying in Gladstone taking care of business there, so she and I are going to have hours of catching up on stuff we missed out for many years.

girls in sunshine

All’s good in the end. Now I have loose ends to tie up with the hospital admin staff and the Social Worker Justine, there will be scripts to get from pharmacy, and apparently there is an exit education session with senior nurses which is full of information and help too.

I had planned to call a few friends and family today to say hi and catch up, but with all that has been going on most of the day, time sped by. Now it’s time for my bed. I am now minus IV lines which is heaven on its own. I’ll be able to wear proper clothes tomorrow. That is a bonus after wearing these horrid gowns for the duration.

This afternoon a message arrived from a dear friend in Melbourne who is a keen knitter, and Denise has been making hats for me. What an angel. I will need them because even though this is Brisbane, it gets cool in the evenings and right through till about 8ish in the mornings. I am blessed to have so many thoughtful and caring friends and it hasn’t ceased to amaze me during this rough time of late. I have a lot to be grateful for.


6 thoughts on “Just when you think plans are done…..

  1. Fran Macilvey May 30, 2016 at 11:37 am Reply

    Mmmmm….I love reading your posts, thank you. (Not that you should ever let that burden you. I just do.)

  2. Liz Seymour May 30, 2016 at 12:59 pm Reply

    I also love reading your posts, which in some ways is wrong since it is about you and your illness, BUT, there is a deep vein of sense and a soupcon of humour running through all posts.
    I hope that you enjoy your out time, that you get to enjoy some sun and warmth and please, some good nutritious food !! A bowl of fruit and yoghurt or soup will be better and more digestible than a bowl of muck with cornflour and manky fish.
    Today I sat out in the sun and did some embroidery, its a wonderful time for reflecting on life and giving thanks for my own run of good fortune (or lack of misfortune) and to send wonderful thoughts and energy out to those in need.
    Here’s to the next chapter of healing 🙂

    • joskehan May 31, 2016 at 5:15 am Reply

      Liz I’m looking forward to being out of here, being able to rest in a quiet area, not being prodded and poked and jabbed with needles all the time, and enjoying good food again. I might even get brave enough to ask my sister to teach me how to crochet….now that will be a challenge for her, lol. xxxxx

  3. Gerri Bowen May 30, 2016 at 3:56 pm Reply

    Well, quite a bit of new news today. I’m glad that Shari is going home, and I do hope it is for a very long time of good health and happiness for her. The new arrangement with your sister seems to be a good one and I hope you and she can have some wonderful conversations Sorry about the grossness you had to walk past, but I guess it was a good reminder that no where is going to be totally germ free. Not when there are people about, and who wants to live in a bubble? Things do sound good for you, Jo, and you sound more upbeat too. Keep sparkling, Jo! 😀

  4. joskehan May 31, 2016 at 5:12 am Reply

    Thank you Gerri….I am very positive and confident and looking forward to getting out of here and being able to eat fresh fruit and veges again. xx

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