Energy please come back….

you will make it

The last day of this round of chemo was Saturday. I arrived at the hospital beeping….Oscar’s alarm was going off to let us know he was almost empty. Another bag was attached to my PICC line but it only took about twenty minutes. The time was taken up with the dressing over the line entry, which was rather red and inflamed, and darned itchy. A few weeks ago one of the nurses in the blood room decided to give it a good clean with an alcohol wipe…it burned my skin immediately and when I commented on the fact, she waved at it with her hand to dry it and said it would be fine once it was dry. Well, no dear, you were wrong. With the problems I’ve had since with my arm, and the many visits to the hospital to have the dressing changed, I’ve seen this particular nurse often….funny thing, she avoids me like the plague and finds another patient in more urgent need. People need to face their mistakes and say sorry…’s better for the soul.

The nurses on the chemo ward were having a lunch when I arrived…they had quite a banquet happening and invited Bernice and I to join, but neither of us was hungry enough to want anything other than a nice hot cup of tea. I will not stop saying how wonderfully caring these medical professionals are. They treat one like a valued friend and it certainly makes the suffering parts easier to take.

keep calm it's time for tea

Sunday was nice not having to be attached to the lads, and we relaxed, laughed and enjoyed the last day with Bernice here in Brisbane. She has now returned to Gladstone and I miss her a lot. We talked a lot about anything and everything, and I’m missing that right now. Tim is here and it’s wonderful having him here with me, but of course he has work to do and can’t spend hours in the day talking about nothing in general. Which hasn’t been much of an issue to date as my energy levels sank to the lowest ever on Monday morning and have only just begun to rise a little today.

Bernice’s son rang and asked if he could pick her up on Monday and take her for coffee and then to the airport. I was a little disappointed not to be seeing her off, but it was a blessing too, as I was so low and flat out lifting my head off the pillow. This happens after chemo. The next couple of days weird things happen to the blood counts etc and one’s energy disappears. It’s frustrating, but it’s best to just ride the tide.

when it rains

Tuesday was the day for blood tests and the doctors’ consultation. The news was all good as usual. I was warned the count would go down, but hopefully not too far, and to just take it easy, which I did. The worst part as I said before, was my arm around the PICC line. I don’t want to chance having the PICC taken out and put into my right arm….not that it would matter I guess, and the procedure doesn’t hurt, but I’d prefer to keep this one if I can. Yesterday the head nurse of the blood section was concerned and asked us to return in the morning so she could check it out again. It was just as nasty looking this morning, so we arrived to a big welcome as always. Hoping it will be much better tomorrow and won’t need another dressing, but at least it’s not far to go.

On our way home, Tim usually goes for the car while I sit in the sunshine to wait…but this morning I felt quite good as we walked out the main doors. I asked about the ‘shortcut’ Tim has spoken of, and found to my delight that there is an elevator to the street level from the main entrance, and then a short walk across at the lights and we’re here. So easy! I felt so pleased to have had a short walk after doing nothing for several days. Mind you, I then settled down for a snooze after having a nice hot cup of tea! Tea is the best medicine.

today's forecastYep, that’s me, except for the fact there is no Daisy…..I would love to have her with me but it’s impossible. I rang my Mother in Law today to say hello….she made me the cutest little white teddy to cuddle which is as soft as Daisy when she’s freshly bathed. It sounds like both Chilli and Daisy are happy and doing all the right things, and being spoiled by Mary and Adrian. Missy Clarice (Steven’s stand-offish cat) has decided she likes them too, and sleeps on their bed at night. As Mary says, she went from not speaking to them at all and running off whenever they appeared, to being their best friend and bed partner! Cats!

Tom and Jerry

Occasionally I comment on other patients…..merely due to the fact that I like to people watch, and like to write about them even more. Perhaps I’m a writer after all, lol. Today, things seemed to be pretty dull on the patient front until I was on the bed waiting for my arm to be examined by the handsome James, a young doctor who seems to be there every day.

Each bed or chair (big recliner chairs with remotes) has a TV set up above with the remote attached for the patient to select the channels etc. Across from me, I suddenly heard this loudness from the TV – it was some political interview in USA and when I noted the patient in question, I was quite surprised. A rough, weather beaten man, in the bogan uniform of flannel shirt and dirty jeans. The thing that really grabbed my attention though was his filthy feet. His dirty old thongs lay discarded on the floor, and his feet were crossed in comfort on the recliner foot rest. I am not a prude, but I could not get past the amount of dirt on the bottom of his feet. When the nurse asked him about his general health and who was caring for him at home, she gently reminded him that a good soak in the tub would make him feel so much better especially now the weather is getting cold.

Which brings me to the weather. Brisbane folk run around in heavy coats and boots and look frozen to the skin. I wander in with jeans, pullover and a scarf around the neck as well as the turban on my head. The nurses ask if I’m cold and need a blanket (they are gloriously heated), and shake their heads in wonder when I say I’m not at all cold. It’s pleasant at the moment, but they are saying there will be snow in the southern parts of Queensland later this week. Stanthorpe will freeze for sure, and it will be interesting to see what happens here in the capital city. August is always windy here, so I’m not looking forward to that much.

stay warm

So it’s onwards and upwards again for me. I’m on the up from the low after chemo which is nice to know. During the last few days the pain in my dicky knees was uncomfortable. Apparently this is all due to the cells being killed off and weakened with the chemo….I am hoping it means I have new knees at the end of it. Oh and a new face would be good too.

Thank you all for your support and loving messages. I treasure them and they help me keep my positive outlook believe me. Much love to you all and big hugs.






6 thoughts on “Energy please come back….

  1. Fran Macilvey June 22, 2016 at 9:09 am Reply

    Hello, angel, thanks for your wonderful posts. I could read your stuff all day. I really adore that picture of Tom & Jerry, which made me laugh.

    Your energy levels will return. It’s just the chemo battling it out for you. (((XXX)))

    • joskehan June 23, 2016 at 3:34 am Reply

      Thank you Fran….I do feel better today, but it really is knocking me a bit….but laughter and sense of humour (or of the ridiculous) keeps me going. Hugs. xxxx

  2. ursula dewar. June 22, 2016 at 10:05 am Reply

    Hello Jo, I am praying that all will be better than okay for you soon. Take care and look forward to whatever pleasant somethings that are sure to come along to you. God Bless from me. I’m not wearing furs but am feeling the colder days. Not complaining though. xxxx

    • joskehan June 23, 2016 at 3:35 am Reply

      It’s colder today here….I have a heated bean bag to keep me warm today. Still not very lively and went back to bed after a shower this morning…how lazy is that? Love and hugs. xxx

  3. Doreen June 26, 2016 at 6:02 am Reply

    Hi Jo, I do hope your energy is on the up and you’re feeling better. I can tell you the weather here has been very chilly as this weekend progresses, including a flutter of snow on Friday, with everyone getting so excited. I lived through 41 years of winter in Scotland, including snow, so I’m not so excited even though it does look beautiful. Hope your staying warm and cosy. Luv reading your story. Luv, hugs and healing, Dxxxxx

    • joskehan June 27, 2016 at 12:38 am Reply

      Doreen I don’t miss the coldness of Vic at all….it isn’t something I deal with very well. I guess it’s because I was born in Qld and our winters are nothing much really….my 7 years in the south island of NZ was difficult for me too, but I was far too busy and young to worry too much about it. I can remember getting snow over Christmas one year…it was supposed to be summer! Stay warm. Love and hugs. xxxx

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