Half the year has gone.


It feels much longer than 5 days since I wrote the last blog. My reasons for not writing one, are not because I was too ill, too energy challenged etc, just that the time seemed to go by quickly with phone calls to and from family and friends and my daily naps. My naps can last from anywhere between an hour to 3 hours depending on how my body is feeling. I’m getting rather fond of these nana naps and have made a little promise to myself that I shall indulge in short nana naps even when I am well once again. Rejuvenating!

When I saw Doctor Katie on Tuesday she said the chemo may not be as strong next time because obviously my body didn’t appreciate the full on assault. On Friday I spoke to Doctor Emma. Now I’m not making favourites here, but I feel that Emma and Katie are such different doctors in their approach to doctoring. Emma is more straight forward and blunt with the doctoring stuff whereas Katie is good at chatting and giggling about stuff, especially her lack of sewing skills. This train of conversation was started with my sister who volunteered to sew an invisible zip in a skirt for Katie….but of course that didn’t happen because 1. they had no sewing machine at the hospital and 2. Bernice was returning to her home and wouldn’t be around.

sewing machine

Back to the subject of the chemo dosage for this coming week. Emma said it will be the same dosage after all and that means they will keep a close eye on me, as I will have to do also. More fluids, more rest and report any little ache or pain before it gets yukky. That’s okay. I’m ready for it. The past few days I have felt so good in general. Tired after a few hours as usual but I have a feeling of ‘wellness’ if you can understand what I mean.

Little things are a delight these days. Like lunch at a nice relaxed restaurant where we can chat and I can people watch. Like driving to Nambour to meet up with Adrian and my grandson Steven on Saturday. Mary didn’t risk coming as she had a bit of the sniffles and didn’t want to pass it on to me. I missed not seeing her, but she sent some delicious dishes for us….we had some soup last night and it was divine.

It was great to see Steven again but I do think he was a little taken aback when I whipped my beanie off to reveal my baldness.  My head needed fresh air, and although it was a cool day, the sun was rather warm.


On our return I napped for a couple of hours. We tried to avoid the election votes counting on TV but with every channel obsessed with it, that proved to be impossible…so an early night with my book was the solution. Today, we Australians are still no wiser as to who is going to running our country, but it really isn’t something to worry about because neither party has a clue or a decent policy between them. The lies worry me, but what politician doesn’t lie? It’s best to go with the flow and grow one’s own vegetables.

remember all good in your life

Tomorrow my sister Bernice and her husband Jim will be here for a quick visit. It will be lovely to see them again and thank goodness it will be on one of my good days. Chemo starts Tuesday, so I should have a few days yet to feel normal.

You may recall my saying about the uni kids in the units on this floor making a lot of noise. Well Friday night was no exception and thankfully they shut up and went to sleep at around 3.30am. Saturday morning as we made our way to the lift for the carpark in the basement, who should be in the lift with huge bags of empty cans and bottles, but two of the noisy bunch. Poor girls didn’t know what to say or where to look when Tim said ‘Aha! So you are the noisy buggers who kept us awake till the early hours?’ One girl turned away and couldn’t look at us…the other made the excuse she was trying to sleep but it was everyone else making the noise. Likely story! I was a kid once too young lady. Tim reminded them that there are quite a few cancer patients living in the units who need their sleep. They looked appropriately shame faced and last night all was quiet.

The news from home is not the best as far as the chooks are concerned. They are still laying eggs and enjoying their times they are allowed to roam the block and scratch for worms….which was just the invite Chilli was waiting for. She sneaked round a back way to get in to the chooks and grabbed one. Poor chook is not feeling very well, probably because of the shock and maybe her wing is a little damaged too. Chilli got into serious trouble with Adrian and is banned from having any treats….that will almost kill her! She is a guts and loves her treats. Too bad. I’m surprised it wasn’t Daisy who caught the chook though, as she loves to run to them hell for leather and screech to a halt just in time to avoid them. Being a terrier, it’s in her DNA to chase them. Chilli is a Staffordshire Terrier and has that killer instinct also. I’ll keep you posted as to how the chook recovers….or not.

enjoy the little things 1

Next blog will be my chemo week. Keep your fingers crossed for me please. Take care everyone, enjoy your days and be kind to each other. Much love and big hugs and many many thanks for your support, messages and love. xxxx


10 thoughts on “Half the year has gone.

  1. margueritequantaine July 3, 2016 at 7:30 am Reply

    I’m not on Facebook, Jo, so couldn’t leave a greeting for you on the 29th, and I don’t have your email, so was glad to see your blog notice in my email. I’m on team Jo tho, every day, cheering you on from Florida. If there were words to heal you, surely you know, I would write them across the sky in stars, underlined with moonbeams.

    • joskehan July 6, 2016 at 6:30 am Reply

      Hi Marguerite, I miss you on facebook and think it’s crazy they have blocked you for no good reason. I do know you are there as my support sending positive vibes with love and hope and for which I am truly grateful. Thank you my dear friend. Much love and big hugs. xxxx

  2. Gerri Bowen July 3, 2016 at 1:44 pm Reply

    Quite a bit going on there for you, Jo. Enjoy Monday. Dogs will be dogs, won’t they. Just like small children who know better, but quickly forget when they get an idea in their little heads. Hopefully your nights won’t be as noisy either. Maybe management should alert the other tenants about cancer patients staying there and please be considerate. Keep sparkling, Jo!

    • joskehan July 6, 2016 at 6:28 am Reply

      Hi Gerri, things have settled a lot this week. No noisy tenants, and I have had a conversation about it with both the office staff here and the accommodation officer at the hospital who arranges the deals about it all. She rang the Oakes while I was there and they had a lengthy discussion and I think the outcome was good. Time will tell.
      So far this week I am still sparkling…the chemo is going well. Hugs. xxxx

  3. Kay Burnett July 4, 2016 at 2:33 am Reply

    Your doing wonderfully well Jo ! I can hear your tried, but sounds like your being very well cared for. Love and Best wishes to you both as always . Xxx

    • joskehan July 6, 2016 at 6:26 am Reply

      Hi Kay, the docs have said things are going along as can be expected, so that is good news. I feel much better this week and so far no problems with the chemo. Hugs. xxxx

  4. ursula dewar. July 4, 2016 at 9:36 am Reply

    Pleased to hear from you Jo, I will be praying earnestly that all will go well for you with this next lot of chemo. Keep resting and snoozing as often as you can I advise as hopefully all will journey on a tad more quickly. God bless you dear always and love from me. XXXXX

    • joskehan July 6, 2016 at 6:25 am Reply

      Hi Ursula, things are going well so far this week….the fun starts usually on the Sunday after the chemo when I have those horrid injections…they give me the jelly belly and really drag me down, but are apparently very necessary.
      Tim found it hard seeing me at my worst as he missed most of that when he was at home, so it was a big learning curve for him.
      I intend to rest up lots this time and the first sign of pain or dehydration I will be going to the Oncology ward to have it rectified.
      Love and hugs. xxxxx

  5. Doreen July 5, 2016 at 4:33 pm Reply

    Chilli and Daisy look like two delightful doggies and so adorable, so when mum and dad are away, the games they play. Hope the chook recovers. Good to know Tim had a few stern words for those girls and your getting some peace and quiet at night. There’s nothing worse. Thinking of you this week Jo. Sending you lots of luv,hugs and healing Dxxxxx

    • joskehan July 6, 2016 at 6:22 am Reply

      Hi Doreen, they are sweet dogs and both terrier breeds so they love to chase and catch.
      So far things are going well this week with the chemo…I feel so much better this week and am determined to rest a lot more so hopefully I won’t go down as far as last time. Hugs. xxxx

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