Course 5…one more to go

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The above statement is to boost my positivity as I prepare for the post chemo week which is always a trial. Today, Oscar was refilled and so far this week we have had no hiccups with the progress of the dosage.

The new PICC line is working well, and the radiologists were a little peeved to hear and read how much the first one had been jerked out of place. A 40cm line had less than 6cm left inside my vein when they removed it. They blame the vacuum situation caused by the blood nurses pumping the syringe when trying to draw blood instead of taking it slow and easy. I think some communication and training may be required in that side of the department.

The inserting of the new PICC was rather touchy as the area was still tender from the previous line. It took longer to insert this time, but I think it was mainly because the radiologist didn’t want to hurt me. He and his assistants were wonderfully caring.

I then had the doctor’s consultation and saw Xhui (Su) who I call Sam as I like that name better for him. He’s a very casual, happy-go-lucky type of guy with a very Aussie accent so no doubt born here. One of those people our ridiculous new Senator Pauline Hanson wants to send home!!! This is his home.

Anyway he was happy enough with everything since my discharge from the hospital ward, and said all systems would be go for the chemo on Tuesday including an LP.

On Tuesday, after the blood test, I had another consultation with Sam before heading into the chemo ward. I mentioned the LP wasn’t so bad if the spot was found quickly and the procedure done with a touch of competence. You cannot imagine the relief I felt when a young male registrar appeared saying he was doing the LP procedure, then demonstrated he had the idea as to how to have my back arched and close to the edge of the bed etc, knees up Mother Brown, head down on chest….then Sam spoke from behind saying he was there to ensure my pain would not be as it was with the previous course.

Sedative given, as well as Phenergan and I was blissed out for 3 hours and knew very little until Cliff the tea/food trolley angel arrived and gave me a cup of hot black tea, chicken sandwiches, a custard and a chocolate bar. He loves giving away those choccies….I still have it unopened though as I just can’t handle chocolate at the moment. Sad, I know.

Tuesday night was the first night at home for Eric and Oscar, and they have behaved themselves so well. The times for refill have been calculated correctly so that it’s not late at disconnection on Saturday. So far so good. No ulcers. No nausea. Not too much tiredness. Maybe it was the phosphate they gave me in the ward!

Have adopted the Michael Jackson look of the one glove though….I have to wear a white cotton glove on my right hand to protect the fingers where the skin is peeling off pretty badly. The new skin is very tender. I’ll have to try singing and dancing Thriller now.

In a previous blog I mentioned that Tim’s eldest brother’s mother-in-law, Judy was having radiation in Perth for her cancer, which I think was thyroid rather than lymphoma. Sadly, Judy lost her battle last week and passed away. She was a lovely lady, kind, gentle, wise from the adversity she endured during her younger years as a struggling sole mother of a large family. They loved her dearly and will miss her motherly love. Rest in Peace dear Judy. Your pain can’t make you feel less than your happy self any longer.

rip 1

Now, I’m not getting maudlin but while on the subject of passing on, I read this today online and thought how wonderful this granddaughter was to write this beautiful letter to her Gran before she passed. I have always been thankful for being the last person to spend time talking and laughing with my gorgeous Gran back when I was 13 …no sooner had I left the hospital and was at the bottom of the hill opposite my Aunt’s house, when I heard the phone ring and knew instinctively it was news to say Gran had passed. It was a precious time for me alone with my Gran that nobody can take away.

Have a read of this if you have time…it will bring a tear to your eyes, but it’s just too beautiful to ignore. Copy address to search….it’s worth it.

Heidi Anderson and her Nan, Brenda May Williamson, who always said ‘don’t save the good stories until I’m gone, tell me now.’

Currently we are looking at wood flooring for the house now that Tim’s Dad, Adrian has been mending the old front door and door step/frame to look like new. The carpet is unwanted. It’s old, thick and supposed to be cream but it’s a yucky looking beige from age. There are so many choices of colours in the boards, and of course the ones we instantly like are the expensive ones! Still a job worth doing, is worth the extra dollars I think.

All being well with me tomorrow, we will go to the nearest store here in Brissy to have a better look as the colours on the website can differ so much. Then Adrian will do his haggling for a good deal with the guys in Hervey Bay. Exciting to think we might have new floors by the end of the year, depending of course on my getting released from RBWH late October, early November. Not that far off now.

It’s past my bedtime….it’s 8.34pm! I rarely  last longer than 8pm these days. I sleep for a couple of hours then I’m awake again to read a chapter of my latest read Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. It has taken me a while to get into this book as I find the angst between 2 of the main characters a tad annoying and silly for grown women. Then again, there are silly people in the world! Liane’s books are very realistic and I can usually relate to them easily, so I am sure this will happen as I get further into it.


Goodnight. I hope whatever you are up to is working out well for you and that you are all well and happy. Much love and big hugs to each and every one of you. Till next blog. xxx






14 thoughts on “Course 5…one more to go

  1. ursula dewar. August 18, 2016 at 11:05 am Reply

    Hi Jo have just read this so please excuse short reply. Pleased that all seems a little easier for you keep the chin up and trust all will be fine for you soon. Goodnight dear lady God Bless and prayers always from me. Gentle hugs too of course. xxxxx

    • joskehan August 19, 2016 at 1:21 am Reply

      Hi Ursula, Will try to ring you again soon for a chat. Hope all is well for you. Much love. xxx

  2. Fran Macilvey August 18, 2016 at 12:22 pm Reply

    Thank you for your wonderful blog posts. I enjoy reading what you write. ((xx))

    • joskehan August 19, 2016 at 1:20 am Reply

      So happy you like the blog Fran. Much appreciated, Hugs. xx

  3. Jane Risdon August 18, 2016 at 4:54 pm Reply

    Glad is all going to plan. Keep positive, sending more vibes to you. Condolences upon the loss of your family member. xx

  4. Gerri Bowen August 18, 2016 at 6:31 pm Reply

    Sounds like this time worked well for you. Good! Enjoy your new floor, sounds like a good choice. So difficult to really get a carpet clean. At least with wooden floors, you can see where the dust and dog hairs are hiding. I’m sorry for your family’s loss. Kepp your sparkle going, Jo!

    • joskehan August 19, 2016 at 1:18 am Reply

      Thank you Gerri…..the floors won’t happen for a few months but it’s something to look forward to. Hugs. xxxx

  5. Trevor Belshaw August 19, 2016 at 2:13 pm Reply

    And on we go. What a journey, great blog. 🙂

    • joskehan August 20, 2016 at 1:33 am Reply

      Thank you Trevor. Hope it wasn’t too maudlin for you to read. Hugs. xxxx

  6. Jan Brigden August 19, 2016 at 3:16 pm Reply

    Thank you for updating us, Jo. Another post written with your wonderful blend of positivity, warmth, wit and empathy. I’m so sorry to hear about Judy. Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts (And the usual big old gentle hugs!) xxx

    • joskehan August 20, 2016 at 1:35 am Reply

      Thank you Jan… is sad about Judy but she was in her 80s and her last half of her life had been happy and contented so we can be comforted by that thought. Hugs. xxxxx

  7. Doreen August 22, 2016 at 12:28 pm Reply

    Hi Jo, thank you sincerely once again for your update, no matter how your feeling you still manage to keep us up to date with your journey and the challenges you are enduring. Seems like a little more medical training would make your treatment a little easier. Do they ever hand out feed back forms? Feel sure you could write an informative response that would be most helpful, even though they are kind and caring and have good intentions. Good to know your experience was a bit easier this time. Your resilience, patience and sense of humour is an inspiration. Hope you find suitable flooring and it will be something to look forward to. Nearly at the end of your treatment. What a journey. Take care, rest well. Luv hugs and healing. Dxxx

  8. joskehan August 31, 2016 at 2:06 am Reply

    I have often promised myself to write a summary of treatment etc once I’m done with the biggest part of it, and send to the hospital gurus in charge. It may help others.

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