Blood counts can’t go any lower….


I am basically hanging around like these little guys, waiting for my platelets and blood count to be more than zero. It’s taking a while. I’ve been researching for what could help this result and of course the main thing is good nutritious food and especially fruit.Fat chance of getting that here. I took this pic of what was supposed to be my lunch, as I knew people wouldn’t believe me without seeing it. I have shown it to some doctors, nurses and one of the younger dietitians…..their reactions were similar and of varying levels of shock.


When I tapped the crumbed crust it echoed…so dried up …obviously left on a warming tray of some kind for quite some time. If it was for sale in a takeaway shop, nobody would buy it. Last night’s offering was similar but at least there was pumpkin and peas with the mashed spud, so I ate half of that.

Yesterday afternoon I had a platelets transfusion so here’s hoping it boosts the count a bit.Nothing else to report though.


Tim has had to move our stuff from the unit we’ve had since May, to another in the Leukaemia Foundation Compound in Coopers Plains south of the river. Tim came to tell me that the usual woman who books the accommodation wasn’t there and the job-share lady checked it all out thoroughly and found that my in-patient dates had not been included. As an out-patient, Maryborough Hospital pays for the unit. The days I am in hospital the bill is covered by the Leukaemia Fund. This new woman discovered a shortfall in payments of almost two grand and told Tim we’d have to pay that as she was sure the Leukaemia Fund wouldn’t. I became rather upset about it all because it meant more time away from his business….and the move to the compound sounded daunting. It’s only because I’m not well and get emotional about things that normally wouldn’t faze me.

I spoke to my nurse after Tim left looking rather frazzled. The nurse offered to ring this accommodation person and find out what was happening. Next thing the job share lady visited me and apologised profusely. She advised she contacted the Fund and the guy in finance said it would be paid and we were not to worry about it. Such a relief! I think there may be words said to the other woman who didn’t do her job properly.

Tim says the townhouse has 3 bedrooms and is rather nice with our own little back yard. Sounds pleasant enough. Just a bit further to drive to and from the hospital.The Fund staff he met there are  very helpful and they were appalled to think we were told the bill would not be paid. So many mistakes and incorrect information given to us which caused unnecessary angst. At least it’s all sorted out now. Thank goodness for my nurse who followed it up.


This morning my nurses came in to tell me I was to move to Ward 5C asap. I was a bit sad to be leaving 6A South, as my nurses have been so nice. Things were packed in no time and we headed to Level 5. Nurses were calling out hello as we made our way to my new room, some waving from the far end of the corridors.It was rather welcoming.

My counts haven’t come up at all yet so it’s still a waiting game. I still have the same ulcer on my bottom gum which isn’t too sore most of the time. I do mouth washes almost every hour as I don’t want it getting any worse.


It was the Melbourne Cup yesterday…the race that stops the nation…so they say. I never bet on the cup as there are too many top horses in it to pick from. A guy from Perth fiddled around with his racing app on his mobile and picked the first four horses. Pure luck! He won a quarter of a million dollars, so well done to him.

Till next time, stay happy and be kind to others. Much love and big hugs. xxxxx





10 thoughts on “Blood counts can’t go any lower….

  1. ursula dewar. November 2, 2016 at 9:43 am Reply

    Hello Jo, Just opened this, the news of your blood count being still very low is disappointing but hang in there and all will turn a sharp good corner soon and all of this unhappy reporting will be just a faint memory. The hospital menu might be like stories told by those who went to boarding school about the diets they were fed while there. As I have said before hang in there and all will be okay soon. You are always in my prayers and I am sure God will do the right thing for you. Goodnight little lady take it easy God Bless and lots of love from me. XXXXX Love to Tim UrsulaD.

    • joskehan November 3, 2016 at 12:33 am Reply

      Yes Ursula, I will always hang in there. I am going to beat this thing one way or another. Love and hugs. xxxxx

  2. Doreen November 2, 2016 at 11:50 am Reply

    I would have been crying too if I was told I had accrued a $2000 debt . As if your illness isn’t more than enough to be dealing with. As for a healthy diet maybe it’s time to get an article written in the newspaper about the seriously disgusting food served to sick people in hospital, who should be getting served highly nutritious tasty food. I do hope you like your new accommodation, it sounds nice and more spacious and maybe more peaceful. Let’s hope you are beginning to improve now. Luv, hugs and healing Dxxx

    • joskehan November 3, 2016 at 12:32 am Reply

      I feel so much better today Doreen. Just waiting for the blood counts to come up.xxxx

  3. Denise Sultana November 2, 2016 at 11:50 am Reply

    Let’s hope that the nutrition improves for you Jo and that Tim brings you lots of treats. Sending more hugs to you from Brookfield. 😊🤗😊

    • joskehan November 3, 2016 at 12:30 am Reply

      Thank you Denise. I think the patients would love a piece of one of your delicious cakes. xxxx

  4. Gerri Bowen November 2, 2016 at 6:34 pm Reply

    I do hope they begin giving you fresh fruit and veggies. It can only help you recover. Stay strong and speak up when you believe something is wrong. Keep your sparkle going, Jo. Much love to you. 🙂

    • joskehan November 3, 2016 at 12:29 am Reply

      The doctors are now well aware of the appalling food on offer for patients. Hopefully there will be improvements made soon. In the meantime, Tim will continue to bring the fruit and the occasional meal as well.xxxxx

  5. Jan Brigden November 3, 2016 at 8:05 pm Reply

    Jo, just catching up with your latest updates and can only echo the comments above. So pleased that Tim is able to bring you some decent food. The pics I’ve seen of your curry and pies are dreadful. As for the stress over the money … well … you really didn’t need that! Sending you all my love and hugs and healing thoughts and prayers for tasty tucker and healthy blood counts. We’re all here for you, Jo. xxx

    • joskehan November 4, 2016 at 11:55 pm Reply

      Thank you Jan. I guess the hiccup with money owing was really nothing to bother about, but we should not have had to go through it at all.
      I appreciate your support immensely. Love and hugs xxxx

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