I was transferred back to Maryborough a couple of days ago, but have spent most of that time sleeping. I think I’ve been catching up on sleep that I didn’t get in the 4 patient ward at Hervey Bay. One lady talked in her sleep and had lots of gossipy conversations and giggles. Kept me awake most of the night. I have a lovely big private room here so it’s much better for rest and snoozing.

I’ve been up to the shower here and stay under the water for half an hour or longer…the hot water is heaven. My nurse yesterday said it too hot and turned it down but I love hot water.

The ulcers they found happily bleeding in the endoscopy and colonoscopy have been fixed and now I have strong antibiotics to get rid of their bacteria. One doctor was so keen to tell me to google Barry Martin….https://Wikipedia/wiki/Barry_Marshall.When I saw the info on the net, I told him I knew about this Perth doctor.I remember that round the time he was in the news, the America’s Cup was in full swing in Fremantle. I went to a cup party and sat on the roof of the cottage on Stirling in Cottesloe to watch the race…the race was cancelled that night…can’t recall why now, but we sat up there talking about this Barry Martin. Most of the party goers were either journos from the West, or The Sunday Times, and others were medical guys. I still marvel at the fact I climbed that ladder onto the roof. Good times. Met one guy in pink who told me he was Jesus, and it was my chance to sleep with ‘Our Lord’…. I told him he wasn’t my lord and he could go jump into the ocean. He dressed in pink…shirt, jeans and wore a white panama hat. What a spiv! This guy drove a huge gas guzzler car that was pink…he asked me to drive him home to Wembley because he’d had so much to drink. Fat chance Buddy, because I was ‘drunker’ than he was. I did the right thing and got a cab home…my girlfriend who was living with the kids and I (mongrel violent husband) drove back to my car late Sunday to make sure the alcohol was clear. It didn’t take much to affect me even back then.


Tim and his Dad, Adrian, have been busy taking up the carpet in the front entry and lounge. The rest of the house can wait and we’ll probably put new carpet in the bedrooms. It does get cold here in winter and I think polished wood floors would freeze. Flat boards have to put down first as the original boards are uneven and in places rotten. It will look lovely when done. I would like a mantle piece added and an electric fire with the ‘flames’. It seems warmer and cosy when there is a flame somehow. Mind you, at the moment the temp here has been well into the 30s (C) and very humid. The air cond in my room is sometimes too cold and I have to put on a cardigan!


Well I have to now take my 12 morning tablets. I take them with yoghurt because I just cannot get them down with water or juice. Too many of them. I spoke to the lovely Edward who set my broken arm in 2015. My arm is painful and weak with a huge lump on the wrist. He said to fix it he would need to break it again….not keen. He said when I’m up and walking again to make an OP appointment and have a chat about it.

I will leave this now and post it for you all to read. I haven’t done much writing over the past couple of days but will try to do that today.It’s a story I started about 5 or more years ago now so it’s time it was finished. Don’t care if it’s published or not – I write for the enjoyment and have no ambition to be a famous author. From what I’ve seen with some ‘would be authors’ who have written books with well known writers to help them along, the writing is mediocre. Bit harsh I guess, but I have thought this for some time now.

I have my favourite authors I read….Susanne O’Leary, Annie Seaton, Jan Brigdon , to name a few. I used to enjoy Roisin Meaney’s books and her first 4 or 5 were great, but after talking to her on a more personal basis on a page for Irish girls (most of my Irish authors are lovely) and I realised that while trying to be funny, she had bully type tendencies and didn’t seem to care if she was rude and hurt other’s feelings. Probably not good of me to write this, but at this stage I feel I have nothing to lose and honesty is the best policy. If they can’t take the criticism, they should take a long hard look at their attitude and make adjustments, just as we all do from time to time.

More later.Take care and keep smiling. Thank you all for your continued support…I truly appreciate it.










6 thoughts on “Maryborough

  1. Doreen February 1, 2017 at 1:48 am Reply

    Good to know your back in Maryborough and in a nice room, so much better to rest and relax in. Improvements all round which is good news. Looking forward to the next chapter in your story. Take care, luv, hugs and healing xxx

    • joskehan February 2, 2017 at 8:03 am Reply

      I’m so much happier here Doreen. I might be allowed to go home for the day on the weekend which will be wonderful. xxxxx

  2. Fran Macilvey February 1, 2017 at 10:46 am Reply

    Thanks for writing, Jo. You have a lovely way with words, I can hear you speaking. 😀 xxx

    • joskehan February 2, 2017 at 7:58 am Reply

      Fran I have always written what I’m thinking and if the reader isn’t happy with that method, too bad because that is me. I’m pleased you are enjoying. xxxx

  3. Gerri Bowen February 1, 2017 at 6:40 pm Reply

    Keep blooming, Jo! Big and gentle hugs. xxx

    • joskehan February 2, 2017 at 7:55 am Reply

      Thank you Gerri…I will do my best believe me. xxxx

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